Meet The Renegades
Pete Miller
Pete has been playing drums since the age of 6... a long time veteran of rock and roll.  Playing  with two bands for decades, in the 70s and 80s He played with a power Trio named VOYAGER, a N. Illinois favorite. Then he packed up his kit and moved to Nashville with the band PLAYGROUND... Toured for 8 years, played over 22 States.   He reunited with VOYAGER in the 90s, renaming the band RECKLESS.      
For years, Pete always had a love for the 70s 80s music, particularly 2 bands, Styx and heart, And with a ton of help from all band members . We established, two unique tribute bands. Grand Illusion a tribute to Styx and barracuda a tribute to Heart and so the sage continues!
Drums/Lead Vocals
John Barratt
John Barratt was singing live at age 12, and fell in love with the bass in college in Milwaukee WI. His very first gig was at the Jiggles-Fest in Milwaukee with over 5,000 in attendance…. Baptism by fire as they say! John went on to play for the band No-Control in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area during the 90’s and in 2,000 he made his way back to Chicago where he has been a studio musician and recently formed the new vocal band SharkDog! John ‘s attention to the perfection of multi-part harmonies and his in-the-pocket bass style will have you on the dance floor all night long!​
Bass/Lead Vocals
Bill Cornish

Originally from the West Coast music scene, keyboardist Bill Cornish has been playing in the Chicago area for the last 10 years. In addition to performing live, he regularly releases original music ranging from jazz to world fusion to rock.  Bill spent the 80s and most of the 90s with a San Diego-based band called Crystal, touring the western US, Alaska and Japan. During that time he opened for artists such as Kansas, Steelheart, Joan Jett, Pat Travers, Gary Richrath, The Romantics, Steppenwolf and many others. He can currently be seeing playing in the Chicago area with projects ranging from rock to blues to jazz.
Brian Conant
Brian found his love for the guitar and singing at a very young age. In the early 80's he and his two friends formed his first band Voyager. Voyager went on the road for several years touring many states in the Midwest region. In the late 90's Brian then moved to Fort Worth, TX and found Hear Say. He sang and played guitar for Hear Say for a couple of years ,before becomming the front man for a popular cover band Full Tilt Boogie. In 1999 Brian helped bring Full Tilt Boogie to being one of the top bands in the D/FW metroplex for 5 1/2 years. His versatile vocals, guitar and keyboard playing helped Full Tilt Boogie reach their climax playing large festivals and opening up for big acts such as BJ Thomas. In 2014 Brian moved back to N. Illinois and has continued to perform as an acoustic duet with his wife. Now back in the lime life of playing in bands, Brian has joined both Grand Illusion and Barracuda tribute bands.   

Lead Guitar/Vocals
Tom Massman
Tom is a lifelong lover of rock and roll. He started playing guitar at the age of 9 and has never stopped. After a first performance at his sixth grade talent show, he was hooked. Some of the bands he's been with over the years include Strawdogs, Sakes Alive, Mirage, Blackwater Gold, Never Look Back, Lindholm, Good Question, The Wave, Deja Groove, Livin' Large, Efter, Page3, Bad Aim, Sharkdog, and Voyager, just to name a few. Tom has also been performing some selective shows with 70's bandmates Blackwater Gold for the past few years. Blackwater Gold opened for many of the early Styx shows in the Midwest, back in the 70's.
Some Styx trivia... Tom met Tommy Shaw before Tommy joined Styx.  Shaw used to drop off his guitar at the music store Tom worked at, for re-stringing and set up, before MS Funk shows at a local club.  
For all you 'gear heads' out there, Tom has used Paul Reed Smith Guitars almost exclusively since the early 2000's, and Kemper Profiler amp with Mesa or Marshall cabinets.

Lead Guitar